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Professor Toni Tarantini, a workshop on Animation and Story Telling – SXILL Arena Chandigarh

The Speaker for the workshop was a senior professor (Bachelor of Animation) of Sheridan College, Canada. He has also been a visiting faculty to some of the top notch colleges across the world. Ms....

A campaign made by Estelle for Mechano 0

‘Interpreting an Image’ Seminar by French Graphiste

‘Interpreting an Image’ Seminar by Estelle Chauvard, Graphiste/ Graphic Designer from Ecole Superier Estiene, Paris, France was a delight to hear. Estelle Chauvard, is Estelle said,”when you look at a portrait, can you tell...

Seminar in an International School 0

Seminar in an International School

Arena Faculty were invited to present a Seminar at the Strawberry World School. The Faculty who interacted with the students were Sushree, Pre-Production and Maya Expert with specialization in rigging, and S. Vijay Kumar,...