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Visual Effects Seminar by MPC Trainer Diju

VFX Supervisor and Training Head Diju from MPC/ Technicolor gave a seminar on their Visual Effects shots in various hollywood movies including ‘A Monster Calls’, ‘Alien Covenant’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’. He explained...

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International Game Design Workshop by French Professor Jerome Bodin

An International Workshop on “Game Design and Analysis” was held on February 25, 2016 by Jerome Bodin, Professor of Game Design, LISAA, France. This workshop explained the concepts of Game Designing through analysing the...

A Film Makers Life 0

Third Documentary from the “Documentary Film Making Workshop”

Third Documentary from the “Documentary Film Making” Workshop is here. “A Film Maker’s Life” – A Documentary made by a group of students at Arena Animation Chandigarh, sector 17, in pursuance of their participation in an...