Chandigarh Design School’s Alumnus visits from Amazon Seattle

Chandigarh Design School alumnus came visiting her alma mater. Akanksha Goyal came to meet her faculty and mentors working at Chandigarh Design School

Akanksha Goyal currently works as Sr. UX Designer in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services, Seattle, USA. She attributes her entire success to her mentor, Vineet Raj Kapoor. She said, “I was always observing Vineet Sir, while I was studying here. Everything, right from handling situations to handling people, without getting hassled or perplexed, was something I learnt, and these qualities are the ones which helped me most in my career and the current job at Amazon. In fact, most of my peers and seniors now know about him. I found the entire environment here as supercharged, and everyone is always looking for ways to improve whether the students or the faculty. Goes without saying, that this only happens where there is a vision behind the academic ecosystem.”
Neelu Kapoor, Cofounder Chandigarh Design School, said, “Akanksha was a lovely student, and always wore a positivity around herself. I am so happy that she is able to now contribute to the growth of Amazon. She has worked hard to earn her success, and we are happy and fortunate to be a part of that success.”

Commenting on Akanksha, Vineet said, “I distinctly remember Akansha a quiet student. With her background in design, she added web design skills to start her journey which slowly moved her towards large MNCs by the dint of her hard work.”

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