SXILL Founder Prof. Vineet Raj Kapoor featured as a panelist in the discussion held at the Indian School of BusinessSXILL Founder Prof. Vineet Raj Kapoor featured as a panelist in the discussion held at the Indian School of Business

SXILL Founder and Worldskills Industrial Design Expert Prof. Vineet Raj Kapoor featured as a panelist in the discussion on “Empowering Teachers and School Management to be Entreperenuerial” held on November 29, 2022 at the Indian School of Business, organized by Metamorphosis a Banglore based EdTech.

In an elite panel constituting of top Educators from across the country, Vineet Raj Kapoor spoke about “There is a need to actively allow enough space for Courage to Survive in the child.” He also shared various anecdotes outlining each concept or idea, like his own experiments with business while he was in school, to countering the idea that Entrepreneurship can be taught to teachers. He suggested involving enough entrepreneurs into the classroom.

He is currently highly involved in the Design and Innovation space as India’s nominated Expert for Worldskills competition, amongst other duties. Speaking on the occasion at Indian School of Business, he shared, “It is my dream to see Indian Innovation take a central place in the scheme of things across the world. need to build a complete ecosystem of innovation, and see that these innovation see the light of the day based on their viability. More companies need to come forward and adopt these kids into their ecosystem and nurture them. I am sure, it would be a win-win situation for both. We are helping out our local industry improve their designs and have been contacted by many original equipment manufacturers for this. We are open to helping out our competitors and peers implement this methodology at their Universities and Institutions. Our students have worked at the Top in leading organizations including Ericson, Sony,, as well as Directed top animated shows like ‘Motu Patlu’ and even independent artists like Sukh-E the singer amongst others. Our alumnus own leading IT companies in the region like Intelligaia, Trabug, Creative Peppers etc.”

Neelu Kapoor, the Founder of SXILL and herself a National Jury (Graphic Design) for NSDC backed Indiaskills said, “SXILL offer a unique ‘Design your own Curriculum’ option in line with the National Education Policy as well as a World Class Animation and Design Finishing School SXILLUP for Animation and Design passouts from Colleges. In this endeavor SXILL is backed by top studios like Lakshya Digital, Digitoonz, Greengold (Chhota Bheem), Technicolor, and more. Our students consistently win International Awards like 11secondclub and GO48!”

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