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Freelance Work 101

Life as a freelancer. Wow! Well, first of all, freelancing is not new, even the world’s first profession was freelancing. Isn’t it better to work on your own than be part of organized crime...

Seminar by VFX Technical Director of Oscar Winning Film Avatar 0

Seminar by Avatar Movie VFX Senior Technical Director on 29 April 2016

A Seminar is being held by Daniele Tosti, Avatar Movie VFX Senior Technical Director on 29 April 2016. You may recall that AVATAR Movie had won the Oscars for Visual Effects. Daniele Tosti was one...

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Why I don’t answer students on anymore

I am Vineet Raj Kapoor and I used to be the main expert on for a very long time and they have ranked me #1 and #2 on various occasions. There are several...

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Career Guidance Workshop at GCG 11, Chandigarh

India’s Top Career Guidance Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor, gave Career Workshops to 2 sets of BCA students at GCG 11, Chandigarh. The students were told about strategies to approach careers in the IT and...

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Workshop at Government Fine Arts College Chandigarh

Recently Vineet Raj Kapoor, Top Indian Expert on Art and Design Careersm concluded his 5 Day Workshop on “Presentation Skills” held in November 2015 by holding a recall sessions with the students at the...

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International Seminar in Character Design by Nastaran Freelance Graphic Designer from Iran

Nastaran Shivaee, Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator from the Iran took a seminar of the students on the topic of Character Design. She advised students on the various approaches to Character Design and also...

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Career Guidance Workshop at Dev Samaj College Chandigarh

A Career Guidance Workshop was held at Dev Samaj College, Sector 36, Chandigarh for students of B.Ed. India’s Top Career Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor told the students about the new age career options in...

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Whether to learn Animation at College or Institute?

This question troubling most of the students who are looking at learning Design and Animation and are leaving the comfort zone of a BTech. Usually such students think that a Degree in Animation or...

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3D Printing is the biggest wave that’s going to hit us

3D Printing is the biggest wave that is going to hit us. Sure that’s worrisome. But the more worrying part is, that most people you talk to are not even aware about this subject....

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How to choose a Career

There are essentially 5 kinds of careers. Based on what kind of a person you are one of these paths would be suitable for you. Even when you change careers you would usually remain in the same domain as the earlier career.