Learn Animation at College or Institute. Arena ChandigarhLearn Animation at College or Institute. Arena Chandigarh
Learn Animation at College or Institute. Arena Chandigarh
Learn Animation at College or Institute. Arena Chandigarh

This question troubling most of the students who are looking at learning Design and Animation and are leaving the comfort zone of a BTech. Usually such students think that a Degree in Animation or Design is a midway which ensures that they become graduate as they pursue their cherished dreams. However, nothing can be farther from truth than this. The UGC or any University Accreditation system in the world ensures that good design education is not deliverable under their rules. The rules require that the college recruits a Masters or PhD to teach the students. Sounds good? But surely is not!

Very few good talents would waste precious time acquiring bits of paper, they would be better off practising their craft. Practise based careers are different from Theory based careers which are quite often deliverable within the accreditation framework. However, practice based education cannot survive a system which gives marks for knowing the truth, since the employers look for people who can do the stuff!On the other hand institutes can hire whomever they think capable of

Now imagine that your country has to send a team to Olympics! Now issue a recruitment Ad – which goes must be able to throw shotput farther than 20 metres. Only atheletes having a masters degree in sports or PhD need apply! Do you think this method would work? Well, same stands true for all practised disciplines.

So then what is the way? Well if you’re hard pressed to take a degree, take one from a good University which offers a correspondence degree and do your learning outside the system!

So if you are thinking whether to take a degree or diploma, well for a practise based learning degrees will not work. In fact, one even requires a finishing school to become better. You need to learn from the Kasparovs, Alis, Johnsons, Peles, Woods and Federers of this world before taking the final push!

Finshing school? well that’s for another day to discuss.

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