Chandigarh Design School Founder speaks at Peruvanam International Film Festival at Kerala

Chandigarh Design School founder Vineet Raj Kapoor was invited by Peruvanam International Film Festival Organising Committee to join the Panel Discussion on “The Possibilities in Media” at Peruvanam International Film Festival at Thrissur, Kerela. The Festival was held from 5-7 January 2024.

The Event was Hosted by Praveen Paramesawar. Vineet Raj Kapoor (Indian IDT Expert Worldskills, and Founder Chandigarh Design School) shared the dias with Ashish Kulkarni (Founder Punnaryug), Mohit Soni (CEO, MESC), Hanif Mohammad Marakkarackayil (Founder Asian School of Design), Sarath Bhooshan (CEO, Bhooshan’s Jr), Philip Thomas (Country Head, World Design Council), and Shajan Kumar (Dean, Mathrubhumi Media School).

Various aspects discussed including the gap between the Industry and the Academia, the impact of AI, how technology impacts art et al. Commenting on the impact of Technology, Vineet shared, “Technology is created in an answer to the gaps, so it is never art that is catching up, but it is technology. Art in it’s zest jumps ahead creating gaps just like the Mendeleev’s table, and it is for us, to find the technology that can meet the expectations and fill the gaps.

Commenting on AI, Vineet said, “AI is not capable of thinking ahead. It is instead a good servant who can do repetitive tasks with the accuracy unknown to man. However, it is incapable of decisions.”

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