Chandigarh Design School has started a Creative Thinking course at Thapar University

Chandigarh Design School has started a course at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) also known as Thapar University on the subject “Creative Thinking for Professional Success”. This subject would run for the complete semester as is an optional course for students across all branches and years. This makes it one of the most important options for students wanted to rein in their creativity for benefit.

During this class Vineet Raj Kapoor (Indian IDT Expert Worldskills, and Founder Chandigarh Design School) shared, “Creativity is not the right of an individual but a practice of a patient individual”. He comments that anyone with the patience, grit and determination can rein in their creativity.

This is the first collaboration between Thapar University and Chandigarh Design School (powered by SXILL).

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