Christmas Party at Arena Chandigarh Sector 17Christmas Party at Arena Chandigarh Sector 17

Students and Faculty gathered here today on the Christmas Eve to have a grand party and dance. The Christmas Party was held on campus at Arena Chandigarh at Sector 17.  The student ushered in the New Year as well in a spirit of brotherhood and harmony bring to an end the eventful year of 2015.

The students cut a set of Cakes amongst falling snow (a visual effect) and lock-and-pop dance (an animated sequence) to showcase their energy and talent.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Arena Chandigarh at Sector 17 is one of India’s top institutions to learn animation and vfx. The institute prides itself at being an academy of animation art and design that attracts the attention of best animators and artists from across the world like USA, Canada, France, UK, Argentina, Germany, among others. The college partners with various artists and experts across the world in production and post-production domains of game design, animation, vfx, UI/ UX design, interaction and motion design, besides the pre-production areas of graphic design, illustration and storyboarding, character design. It has become a facilitator for students who prefer to direct their own learning through live interactions with inputs from experts around the world.

The institute boasts of a library rich with books on sketching, graphic design, composition, 2d and 3d animation, stop motion, story and screenplay (screenwriting), storyboarding, visual effects (CGI), matchmoving and motion tracking, rigging, game design and development, film making, cinematography, acting and direction. The centre also has an onboard motivation expert and student guide to mentor and engage the student to learn more beyond the boundaries of the courses they join. The Institute has an inhouse boutique studio that enables student industry interaction which brings real life live learning experiences to their portfolio making them market ready. No wonder this college is the first stop for all india studios for placements including Xentrix, Bangalore, DQ, Hyderabad,  MEL studio, Mumbai, Philm Studio, Pune, and others.

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