neither the horse nor the rider is freeneither the horse nor the rider is free
neither the horse nor the rider is free
neither the horse nor the rider is free

Why Technology chases Art? It’s quite simple. Artists tell technology where to go!

This represents to extent of realism the painters had to get to, when photography was introduced, and then the abstraction started when they could not (or did not prefer to) handle it any more. So then the photographers could not chase them. Not that photographers gave up – soon trick photography, then films followed by VFX and now games and immersive environments kept on chasing them. It is an infinite game where skilled people are always chased by technology-assisted technicians (read photographers). This infinite game continues forever..

Is this a race to make the artist dependent? Or is this to raise the bar for the artist everytime? Does this make the Artist, the driver? or is the artist a victim where he’s only to discover, never to benefit from his forays. And technology continues to takeover his finds to make device to convert it for mass use, as he’s to continue looking for new forays.

Does this lead the artist’s followers into areas that the discoverer has abandoned in a search for the ultimate visualization. For e.g. even today art students learn painting and other art which allows them to represent their ideas. A lot of them are oblivious of the trail of discoveries that the Artist has made and the tremendous journey that awaits them. They are unaware that all along this path technology awaits their subjugation. All along the path they fall to one of the new gods, to be fast tracked onto new ways of visualization, as they realize the extent of learning required is beyond the scope of a normal human – till one tremendous learner comes along and stretches it further and sets new agendas for the technologists.Let us give the artists their due, or is it that not giving them their due keeps them chasing the dreams.

Neither the horse nor the rider is free.

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