rigging workshop by French Riggerrigging workshop by French Rigger
rigging workshop by French Rigger
rigging workshop by French Rigger

Rig it Stuntman! Seminar by French Rigging Artist

French CG Artist Erik Campeuax, studied Design and Art at University of Strasbourg, and then graduated from Aries, Lyon with Bachelors in 3D Conception and VFX. He’s worked with Distant Future Animation Studio in London. He’s very good with particles systems, he also Rigs and does all VFX related zones including 3D modelling. Of course he also can do Character Animations!

The Topic of Discussion is “Rig it Stuntman!” – Creating fast and Efficient Rigs.

Erik talked about how he would rig a character – his preferred rigging system. Eric introduced to us some thoughts and strategies on how to rig a character quick and dirty, using powerful tools like Maya.  Eric purposely kept the coverage of the seminar restricted to professional character rigging so that the participants are clear with the topic in discussion.

Rigging Workshop Attendees

The participants were excited about the topic. They thoroughly enjoyed the same and had most of there doubts cleared.

Eric covered creating the skeleton and rigging the spine, arms, hands, legs, head and neck. He discussed the core concepts of rigging with some advanced techniques like stretchy limbs.

The seminar was an eye opener to students who were new to rigging. After the seminar they are familiar as to know how to start off well like a professional rigger who are looking for different approaches to rig their characters.

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