Shreya creations held Auditions for TV serial actors and actresses at Arena Animation Acadeny Chandigarh on 2 November, 2007.

Shreya creations is the creator of popular TV series like “Ek ladki anjani si” “Piya ka ghar”, “Har ghar kuchh kehta hai”, “Mamta” and “Kaajjal” and are soon starting with 3 more new shows. So all aspiring actors across chandigarh and Punjab turned up to try their luck with arclights. The casting director cum auditioner of Shreya Creations, Neeraj Mishra took the tests.

Neelu Kapoor,  Centre Head said,”we’ve always believed in an animator being an actor first. This step is in the same direction. It helped our students get an insight into the film world while exposing them to the thinking behind the camera which is essential for them to grasp the concept for making a great animation movie.”

Vineet Raj Kapoor, Academic Head says,”This is in continuation of our earlier efforts wherein we’ve brought in Misha Gautam, award winner in animation and special effects several times to interact with our students. Misha has worked for a long time in film industry before moving to areas like animation/ SFX and TV Serials. We’ve also brought in Mr. Desh Gautam who was the Technical Director of Gaj Gamini, the much acclaimed movie of painter MF Hussain starring Madhuri Dixit.”

Arena Animation Academy, Chandigarh had launched DAE (Diploma in Animation Engineering) in 2005 – this course goes into animation as a complete film making experience delving into acting, story writing, story boarding, character design, Disney animation principles, human anatomy, sketching, background design and other important things before getting into software. The admission is through an aptitude test. The next test is scheduled for 30 March, 2008. Click here to mail for further information

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