Arena Animation Academy have had 2 animation heads in our city for the past one week. Occupying a makeshift office at Arena Animation Academy, they are overseeing their work take shape at the studio. They are Hyeonsu Kim, CEO, Durufix Animation Production, Seoul, and Chung, Animation Director, With 2D animation Productions, Seoul. They are modelling a huge Buddhist temple at Sunjungwon, Korea and sought out the expertize of Arena Animation Academy’s students to help them out. Next they seek to finish a huge 3D of a large resort consisting of a Fun Park, Sushi Market,.

Kim has done his Masters Degree from the Animation school at Hongik University after graduating in acting from Kangwon University, Seoul, Korea. He is the Producer of the highly successful animation series “Tori” of Korea. He is collaborating with VirtualSoft Technologies to redub and market this series in India.

Chung is a graduate with 2 Degrees from CalArts (California, US) in Illustration as well as 2D animation. He takes weekly lectures in University at Seoul on Animation and loved to share his experiences with Arena Animation Academy students. He is an Animation Director specializing in 2D, gave an intense lecture on the nuances of 2D animation and how is changing in the world today. He also tells us why new Characters like Sin Chan and other continue to capture the minds of kids.

Chung explained to the students how they need to develop their skills and the hard work that goes into becoming a 2D animator. He was very happy to note that unlike in Korea, the students at Arena are able to work on Industry projects right here at their institute. Neelu, AAA Centre Head said,”Durufix inputs to our students have added a lot of value to our students outlook on how the international industry works.”

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