Placement Fair 2012 held at New Delhi
A student snapshot from an Interview at Arena

The Placements Fair 2012 was held at New Delhi on 13-14 July 2012. About 200 students attended the Event. 4 companies (Aniguru) turned up on Day 1 and Day 2 was reserved for Digitoonz.

Arena Chandigarh also sent some of its best students for the national level jobs. The students were given assistance in preparing their CV by faculty and their work was reviewed and tips were given before the students departed for New Delhi in the wee hours of 13 July 2012. They reported on time and were able to attend all interviews. Now with crossed fingers we are awaiting the results.

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  1. Meanwhile news from the Placement Fair, held at New Delhi on 13-14 July 2012 has started pouring in. Soumya called last night to inform that she’s been called for another round of interviews. Waiting for other students to let know.

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