Feb 18, 2007

Animation before film in 20th century.

History of Czech animation

History of Estonian animation

History of French animation

The first animated cartoon (1908), and most animation techniques: morphing (1909), puppet animation and color animated cartoon (1910), pixilation (1911), first animated series (Le chien Flambeau, 1916).

History of Italian animation

History of Russian animation

  • 1910-1913 Ladislas Starevich creates puppet animations
  • 1935 First animated feature film in USSR, The New Gulliver
  • 1935 Soyuzmultfilm Studio is created, will go on to fund many thousands of short animated films, mostly for kids
  • late 1930s to 1950s – enforced Socialist Realism in cartoons (with a few exceptions).
  • 1953 Puppet animation division re-founded at Soyuzmultfilm (it was closed shortly after The New Gulliver was released)
  • 1962 Fyodor Khitruk‘s short film History of a Crime introduces new aesthetic to Soviet animation
  • 1969 First episode of popular series Nu, Pogodi!
  • 1972 First Cheburashka short is made
  • 1979 Yuriy Norshteyn releases Tale of Tales, since then voted twice by a large panel of international critics as the best animated film ever made.
  • 1989 Studio Pilot, the first private animation studio in the USSR, is founded
  • 1990s government subsidies shrink dramatically, while the number of studios grows. Soyuzmultfilm is beset by corruption and banditism, slowly loses its dominant place among Russian studios.
  • 2000s some high-profile animated features are made. Government diverts some funds to animation again. Nevertheless, many studios experience budget shortfalls and have difficulties finishing their ambitious projects.

History of animation in Croatia (in former Yugoslavia)

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