North and South America

History of Argentinian animation

History of Canadian animation

  • Early Work
  • Contributions of the National Film Board of Canada‘s animation department
  • Early commercial productions
    • Contributions of Canadian voice actor recordings
  • The 1980s- rise of the major indigenous industry
  • Beginning of industrial production of animated cartoon.

Because the history of Hollywood animation as an art form has undergone many changes in its hundred-year history, Wikipedia presents four separate chapters in the development of its animation:

Animation in the United States during the silent era (1900s through 1920s)
  • Max and Dave Fleischer formed their own studio Fleischer Studios, and created the Koko the Clown, Out of the Inkwell, and Sound Car-Tunes series.
The Golden Age of Hollywood animation (1930s and 1940s)
Animation in the United States in the television era (1950s through 1980s)
Modern animation of the United States (1980s through present)

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