An Animator is the 2nd happiest person on earth!
An Animator is the 2nd happiest person on earth!

A survey done by leading website animationmentor. com showed 59% of professional animators enjoy their work and are proud of what they do. Because animation, as a profession, is a small and specialized niche, it didn’t show up on the “Job Satisfaction in America” University of Chicago survey. According to their findings, the occupation with the happiest people was the clergy with 67.2% as “very happy”, followed by firefighters with 57.2%. AM independent survey would have placed animators right between the two as the second happiest occupation with 59%.

Says, Neelu Kapoor, Centre Head, Arena Animation Academy, Chandigarh, “This is a profession which pays you for doing what you anyway love to do. No wonder Engineers are nowhere on the list of happiest people.”

In 2007, Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster Shrek the Third seized the box office crown with a dazzling debut of an estimated $122 million. More than half of the top 20 grossing movies in 2007 were partially or totally animated.

The animation industry, and the entertainment industry in general, has never been healthier. The international box office reached an all-time high of $26.7 billion in 2007.

Earlier in the year, industry analysts were worried about the 2008 outlook which they feared would never live up to last year’s record. But with hit movies such as The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Kung-Fu Panda and Wall-E, 2008 is on track to match or surpass 2007 numbers.

A Priest is the happiest person on earth! What would you like to be?
A Priest is the happiest person on earth! What would you like to be?

In addition to the record growth in the animated feature film industry, analysts predict even larger gains in the gaming industry. According to The Hollywood Reporter on June 21, 2007, “By 2011, the worldwide gaming market will be worth $48.9 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% during the five-year period.” This means more animation work is available and industry jobs are plentiful.

Outsourcing is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide. Recession has only increased the speed with which Organizations are turning to outsourcing. This has accelerated the rate at which animators are required in India. The economics of the industry made it feasible for Asia to feed the cartoon world, to the extent that today, about 90% of all American television animation is produced in Asia. However, some of the top studios are very selective and would go for an animator with both 2d and 3d skills.

India’s animation, gaming and visual FX industry grew by almost 27% in 2007. The Indian animation industry in 2007 was estimated at USD 0.31 billion and is expected to grow at CAGR 24% to reach USD 0.94 billion by 2012. (Source:Ficci-PwC Entertainment and Media report 2008)

Although 3D tools and technology will continue to evolve allowing animators to take more risks, many professionals see a return to traditional 2D animation as a future trend. Others see a onvergence of the two art forms as 2D and 3D are used together, borrowing techniques and ideas from one another in order to push the art form even further.

Many foresee a return to more 2D animation as audiences experience “viewer fatigue” caused by overuse of CG tricks and effects. They were encouraged to see 2D making a comeback with films like Sony Pictures’ Persepolis and Paprika, as well as Walt Disney’s soon to be released Princess and the Frog.

The income outlook for animators is bright. Average animator earnings are higher than the mean earned by U.S. workers, and there remain excellent opportunities for career development and earnings growth. However, according to a survey, most animators were more motivated by fun and creative expression than they were by money.

Vineet Raj Kapoor, Academics Head, Arena Chandigarh says, “Arena Chandigarh is now offering BSc in Multimedia and Animation, giving you total spread of the entire design spectrum. This allows you to get an opportunity to specialize in the subject that you develop interest in at a Masters Level. Or you can go ahead and get that through experience in the Industry. Even our own Animation Studio has done high level projects in Cell and 3D Animation for International Clients. These projects featured our students work as well, allowing them to get international exposure even before they stepped out for a job.” Hurry guys the last date for BSc (multimedia and animation) Enrollment is 23 July 2009, and already 40 seats are gone!

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