Today was the first day of the BSc Multimedia and Animation Degree batch and what more than a light drizzle to welcome you to the institute. The large size of the Batch made it all more interesting as they brought a lot of different talents to the table and is expected to work towards their creative career goals in the coming 3 years.

The Batch began in time at 12 noon with Janina Tiedemann  from Germany who’d recently joined the Arena Chandigarh Team, welcoming the students and helping them find their seats. Almost all of the students were present and they enjoyed the introductions by Parminder Singh, Academics Head.

The class atmosphere may not be as charged as it was when Arena Chandigarh held Maya Animation workshop at IIT Roorkee for IITians. The initial sessions are however, aimed at motivating the students well, before they start the actual learning, so that they are able to achieve their best. Motivation is all that differentiates between a successful career and an average one!

BSc Animation Batch 2009 3
BSc Animation Batch 2009 3

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