Chandigarh Design School Founder Addresses "Gamifying Skill Training" at Serious Play Conference in TorontoChandigarh Design School Founder Addresses "Gamifying Skill Training" at Serious Play Conference in Toronto

Vineet Raj Kapoor, the visionary behind Chandigarh Design School and a respected figure in the iXDA community, made a significant contribution to the recent Serious Play Conference, which took place from October 11th to 13th, 2023, at Toronto Metropolitan University. Kapoor delivered a compelling presentation within the Military and Professionals Track, focusing on the subject of “Gamifying Skill Training” on October 13, 2023, at 9:30 AM.

The Serious Play Conference serves as a pragmatic forum for professionals intent on advancing their knowledge of game-based learning. Distinguished speakers at the event generously shared their insights and experiences, providing attendees with invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking.

The origins of the Serious Play Conference trace back to 2008 when Sue Bohle, a marketing and public relations trailblazer who had collaborated with renowned developers such as Atari, Crystal Dynamics, ID, and Activision, was enlisted to promote an educational game for math instruction. A former high school educator, Bohle became enthralled by the notion that the captivating elements of entertainment games could revolutionize the field of education.

This prestigious event drew participation from experts worldwide and featured seven distinct tracks, encompassing Military, Game Design, Higher Education (HEI), K-12 Learning, Healthcare, Tech, and Research. Vineet Raj Kapoor, serving as the exclusive Indian authority in Gamification, expressed his profound appreciation for the invitation to address this esteemed conference. Kapoor remarked, “It was a tremendous honor to be invited as a speaker to this prestigious gathering, particularly as the sole representative from India. It provided a remarkable platform to engage with some of the brightest minds globally and gain insights into the myriad approaches adopted by game designers to reshape the educational landscape. My presentation delved into the extensive experiments I’ve conducted over the past 12 years in gamifying the education system, a topic that resonated with the enthusiastic audience, eager to learn from my experiences.”

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