Sandeepan with Faculty Mentors
Sandeepan with Faculty Mentors

DESIGN WORKSHOP Approximately month long art and design workshop that complemented the design softwares’ training, concluded on last month. Students of AAIP- 1st semester, the semester that comprehensively covers all aspects of static graphic designing, were full time engaged in the activity. Most essential layout design concepts, laws, theories and trends were served in a most practical fashion by putting students into a real life situation. The design mentor, Parminder Singh, got the activity started by playing the role of a mock client and gave a client brief. The product, pricing, product category, the target audience were briefed to them. They had to work from scratch starting from branding to package designing to layout/poster designing for the same. Then it was creative sweat and toil, day and night. Students came out with versatile ideas, each one was reviewed. With each review poured in all design knowledge of the mentor, constructively critiquing each design element put in by students. The process evolved the artworks as well as the student’s design aesthetics.

“Hi, I am Sandipan Bhattacharjee, a student of arena animation Chandigarh 17. I want to tell you about my experience of studying graphic designing during our 1st sem. we got a project of branding a perfume . I designed logos, packaging and poster for my product ROYAL BLOOM. I designed the logos and packaging in ‘corel draw’ and the poster in ‘adobe photoshop’. During this module i learned how expressive logos should be made, how packaging are designed keeping in mind the cost and users of the product. In poster designing i learned composition of a layout, use of the principles of design, i.e balance, proportion, rhythm etc. I also learned how to create depth in a composition. In short I can say that this project taught me enough things to make a solid start in the industry. And I am thankful to all my faculties in this project for their full support and guidance.” – Sandipan Bhattacharjee, 1st Sem, AAIP

“The whole experience of this workshop was great. I’ve learnt the many aspect regarding Branding a product into real life market. This campaign was started with an idea of brand and covered logo designing, product look and feel, advertising posters till brand promotions and selling strategies. I would like to thank Arena and the Faculty for their continuous support and encouragement.” – Subodh Atal, 1st Sem, AAIP

“I am Monika and I share my experience about Photoshop and coral draw designing. I had a lot of experience… how to make package designing, logo, poster designing by the help of our faculties. It was great experience!!” – Monika Saini, 1st Sem, AAIP

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