UCEED 2017 Cut Off ListUCEED 2017 Cut Off List
UCEED 2017 Cut Off List
UCEED 2017 Cut Off List

You may rank about 94-108 to get in (the proof is given below). Last year rank 100 just got in – that means half of the applicants didn’t take up their candidature due to various reasons. Some of which could be

  1. Getting a desired seat through IITJEE
  2. Getting a desired seat at NID, NIFT or other design colleges
  3. Going abroad for studies
  4. Not taking admission at IITG or IIITDMJ due to personal choice
  5. Repeat applicants not able to upgrade into the higher ranked IIT
  6. Some of the ranks are occupied by students of reserved quota, so they don’t count in the final general list.

Assuming that about 10–12 students from each of IITG as well as IIITDMJ are retaking UCEED, and about 8 each score in the qualifying range (some may rank lower than last year). Now only about 2 each may be able to score in the upgradable range. So, 12 out of 16 would drop, and maybe 1–2 finally decide not to upgrade. So about 13–14 seats are lost due to this.

Some students drop out of the list since they don’t prefer to go to the cities of Guwahati or Jabalpur – funny as it may seem, there are such students. So, let peg that count at 5–10 students.

Students cracking both NID and UCEED, and students cracking both IITJEE and UCEED maybe about 15–20 and 30–40 in number. So assuming that 60% of them make the other choice, we have another 6–8 + 12–16 = 18–24 droping out.

Assuming 3–5 going abroad when they didn’t get IITB

About 5–7 seats in first 100 belong to the reserved category

Now the number has reached 41–55 people that give up their seats. This means that in the general list, where about 53 seats are up for grabs the cut off rank ends up around 94–108 range.

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