Puchon International Student Animation Festival REGULATION

PISAF Organizing Committee Office

#302 ,Comic Business Center, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, 529-2 Sang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-Do, 420-030, South Korea

Tel : +82 (0)32 325 2061~2

Fax : +82 (0)32 325 2072

Website : www.pisaf.or.kr

E-mail : program@pisaf.or.kr


Puchon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF) is organized by PISAF Organizing Committee and authorized by Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies.


PISAF2010 will be held from November 5-9, 2010 in Bucheon, Korea.


The official languages of PISAF2010 are Korean and English. All films must use scripts, narrations and/or subtitles in either language. English language films must attach Post Production Script in English. Non-English language films must be subtitled in English by applicants themselves, at their own expense.


All applicants must have been enrolled in a college, university, or graduate-level institution at the time of production. Computers, films and/or other media in the frame-by-frame method are qualified for submission. The films must have been completed after November 2008, and must not have been submitted to previous PISAF.



1) Short Animated Films & Online Competition (Less than 30 minutes)

– Entry Deadline: September 10, 2010

– Entry Fee: Free

? Please Note

1) Entry form and all submission items must arrive at PISAF Committee Office by September 10. (Those submitted by post or online after September 10 will be excluded from application process.)

2) Submissions must be via post or on-line. (Choose One)

3) Any submitted materials for pre-selection will not be returned.

< List of Submission Items >

1) Entry form: One entry form is required for each work. Entry form is available at PISAF website: www.pisaf.or.kr from June 2010.

2) Submit a video showing the entire film

– Postal Submission : DVD (NTSC, PAL)

– On-line Submission : mov, avi or wmv file format

(Pixel Dimensions : 720X480)

3) 3 Digital Images of major scenes (300dpi Resolution , JPG format)

4) 1 Director’s Photo (300dpi Resolution , JPG format)

5) Any Post Production Script (and/or commentaries) not in English or Korean must be submitted with Korean or English translations.

< How to Submit >

Choose between Postal submission and On-line submission.

– Postal Submission : All applications should be sent to the address below

(3 Film images, 1 director’s photo and scripts must be stored in files on CD)

PISAF Organizing Committee Office

#302 ,Comic Business Center, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, 529-2 Sang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-Do, 420-030, South Korea

Tel : +82 (0)32 325 2061(2) / Fax : +82 (0)32 325 2072

E-mail : program@pisaf.or.kr

– On-line Submission (available from June 2010) : All applicants

should upload all submission items as described below.

1) Log onto www.webhard.co.kr (Korean) or

www.webhard.net (international)

2) Login ID: PISAF2010 (Password: 2010)

3) Create your own folder inside the “Upload Only Folder”

within the “Guest Folder”

– Must use specified folder name: “Categories (S for Short Animated film; N for New Media Contents)_Upload Date_Country Initial in English_Director Initial in English”

e.g. Folder name “S100601_KR_EK” indicates a short animated film was uploaded on 1st June 2010 and is a Korean production directed by Eugene Kim.

4) Uploading Submissions:

– All submissions to be condensed in 1 file (file name and folder name must be identical)

– Only condensed file zip or rar is accepted.

– The condensed file must be 1GB or less in file size.

5) Notify your completing submission by sending e-mail to program@pisaf.or.kr (E-mail title : Online Submission)

6) Confirm your application completion by receiving an e-mail reply from PISAF.

? Please NOTE

1) Make sure you upload your materials in advance from the deadline, due to excessive loading traffic and related problems expected on the last day of application.

2) Must create 1 folder per submission and upload as such.

3) In case a director submits 2 or more films, indicate the ordinal number at the end of the folder name.

e.g. “S100601_KR_EK1” or “S100601_KR_EK2” or “S100601_KR_EK3”

Any works that are not submitted by the exact way as described above will not be considered.


Pre-selection takes place from September 13 through 19. The result will be announced by September 20, 2010 on the PISAF official website (http://www.pisaf.or.kr). The juries for pre-selection will be appointed by the chairman of PISAF. Applicants who have been accepted for the official competition screenings must submit their works to PISAF Organizing Committee Office no later than October 10, 2010

Only the following formats are accepted for official competition screenings:

– 16mm/35mm film (Optical Sound Track Only)

– Betacam SP (NTSC, PAL) tape

– Digital Betacam (NTSC) tape

– DV 6mm (NTSC) tape



The final selection will be conducted from November 5 to 9, 2010 during the festival.

The juries for final selection who are specialists on the animation field, will be appointed by the chairman of PISAF. No jury member maybe involved in the works presented in competition.

The decision of the juries is final.


1) For Pre-Selection

All costs of postage and insurance must be fully covered by applicants. The PISAF Organizing Committee is not responsible for customs fees. Please do not list a value higher than USD20 on your entry package.

2) For Final-Selection

Applicants must pay for delivery fees for screening prints (including insurance and ancillary expenses). PISAF Organizing Committee will pay for returning fees of the materials as well as preservation expenses during the festival preparation stages and throughout the festival. For any damage or loss occurred during the festival, the liability of PISAF Organizing Committee is limited to reimbursement for costs of a new print or tape based on the standard rates.


Awards Prize (KRW/ USD)

PISAF Grand Prize 5,000,000 Won / USD 5,000

Jury Special Prize3,000,000 Won / USD 3,000

Special Distinction Prize (International)2,000,000 Won / USD 2,000

Special Distinction Prize (Domestic)2,000,000 Won / USD 2,000

Audiences Prize 1,000,000 Won / USD 1,000

Best Online Prize1,000,000 Won / USD 1,000

Netizen Choice Prize1,000,000 Won / USD 1,000

? Sponsor Awards will be announced later on the PISAF website.


The PISAF Organizing Committee will cover the costs of accommodation (Youth Hostel or lodge) and meals for the directors whose films have been selected for the competition. If a film is made by several directors, only one of the directors will be entitled to the above hospitality. Therefore, directors entitled to the hospitality must confirm with the PISAF Organizing Committee Office about the detailed of attendance dates by October 10, 2010.


(Please check the following in your Entry form. Otherwise, you are considered to have agreed to all of the following):

– The selected films will be screened in the Grand Theaters in the Boksagol Cultural Center and on the PISAF official website during the festival. (Note : The directors who do not wish their films to be screened on the website must state this on the Entry form.)

– PISAF is entitled to use the submitted work for promotional purposes for on or off lines. The PISAF Organizing Committee has the right to use 10% of the running time of submitted work to a maximum of three minutes for publicity and promotional purposes.

– The films presented at PISAF can be shown again for promotional purposes of the following year’s festival.

– The PISAF Organizing Committee would like to obtain a non-exclusive distribution video license for award winning films, which will make up a compilation DVD entitled “PISAF Awards” may be used as a means to make profit. The PISAF committee pays 15% copyright fee of total profit to the owners on the 20th of December every year.


-The PISAF Organizing Committee welcomes donation of prints of award-winning films and films included in the final competition of the festival.

-The PISAF Organizing Committee will start returning works within 20 working days after the festival has ended. Applicants, who wish to get their original works back, must inform the PISAF Organizing Committee of the correct return address. The PISAF Organizing Committee is only responsible for shipping fees to return.

– Please note that the works submitted for the pre-selection cannot be returned in any circumstances.


In submitting the Entry form to the festival, the PISAF Organizing Committee considers that the applicant accepts the terms of the present regulation as stated in this document.

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