Chandigarh October 5, 2005 Mr. Mohenish Gupta, COO, Toonistan Digital Pictures, Mumbai is in town to launch “Diploma in Animation Engineering” at Arena Multimedia, Asia’s leaders in multimedia training at it’s centre in Chandigarh. Arena Chandigarh is the first centre in the region to offer this prestigious programme, which is only available at select Arena centres across the country. Admission to the course is on the basis of skill tests, group discussion, personal interviews and counseling sessions.

This 5 -Semester premium course is designed as per industry demands and enables students to learn drawing skills, acting, direction, camera movements for animation, and digital animation, all of which are essential to master 2D and 3D animation. At the end of both 2D and 3D animation modules, students will need to prepare their own show reel, which will simulate working in a production studio. To provide students with knowledge of the industry, Industry veterans will be invited to deliver guest lectures.

Modules include Fine Art, Visual Design & Creative Animation, Cel & Digital Animation, 2D Animation Show Reel, 3D Animation & Visual Fx, and Portfolio Development – Show reel. On completion of this course, students will be able to choose from an array of exciting career options such as 2D animator, 3D animator, computer animation, effects and game industries as technical directors, technical animators, effects animators, effects developers, graphics programmers, games developers etc.

Speaking at the course launch, Mr. Vineet Raj Kapoor, Technical Head, Arena Multimedia, Chandigarh said, “The Animation Engineering program from Arena provides a thorough understanding of both 2D and 3D animation. While 2D modules delve deep into basic understanding of the various facets involved in 2D animation such as drawing, acting, direction, camera required for producing good 2D animation, each 3D module has a separate topic of specialization, enabling students to master them. Designed with inputs from the industry, the Animation Engineering course will serve as the perfect launch pad for students keen to pursue a rewarding career in multimedia.”

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