New Delhi, July 2007: One of the greatest things that have happened to the world of entertainment has been the evolution of Animation. Animation in its purest sense means soul – and in today’s context it has really lived up to it. Aided by Digital graphics and powerful tools, animation has added a powerful dimension to the arena of glitz and jazz, lifting and enlivening an otherwise dull and drab scene, be it in a movie or a music video.

Says Mr. R. Krishnan, Global Head, Arena Multimedia “Animation is not just confined to Cartoon Network Channels or the Internet, but has got wide ranging applications.  A whole new generation in the West is captivated by the full-length animated feature films and the trend has caught with the rest of the world too. The stupendous success of Hanuman and the buzz around the just to be released film Krishna has created a lot of enthusiasm amongst the film industry and the animation studios. “

The various end-user segments that present opportunity areas for animation producers are Feature Film Production, Television Software, Advertisements, Gaming, Online Education and industry specific applications (architecture, medical, legal/ insurance etc.).

The Indian animation industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years and the trend is expected to continue. Moreover, a lot of companies in the West have started outsourcing their work to Indian Animation companies.

Within the Asia-Pacific, India is continuously creating an advantage for itself in the animation production outsourcing space. This is primarily because of obvious benefits such as a large English-speaking talent base, technological proficiency, presence of a highly successful entertainment industry, and a rapid change in the software platforms that puts it at par with Korea, Philippines or even the West. Another primary advantage is that the cost of high-quality animation production in India ranks the lowest among all countries that are major producers of animation.

According to NASSCOM studies, the global animation market is expected to increase to USD 35 billion by 2009 from USD 25 billion in 2005. The size of the Indian animation market, which was estimated at USD 285 million in 2005, is expected to increase to USD 950 million by 2009.

Animation provides India a great opportunity to benefit from on its great competencies like trained manpower and the ability to understand and appreciate entertainment. Recognizing the potential, a number of Indian software players are turning their attention to animation. Animation studios have sprung up in major metros that are producing animated content for either outsourcing or for the domestic industries.

Animation has been growing into an industry with immense employment potential. In India alone, the animation industry needs over 30,000 people, while the demand met is a mere 10 % of the requirement.

The industry is witnessing the arrival of training houses with courses that are dedicated to building skilled manpower for this market.

Diploma in Animation Engineering from Arena Animation Academy is designed with the objective of making the student a complete Animation Professional, with the knowledge of every aspect of animation, including both 2D and 3D animation. The program greatly emphasizes on the teaching the students to integrate both the processes of 2D as well as 3D, with an exhaustive overview and skill development, right from ideation to execution. Through this course the students learn to integrate the creative, artistic and technical demands of the animation industry and at the end learn to apply these skills to the creation of their own demo reel.

Enroll for a high-end animation course in a reputed institution and you are all set for a career in this field.

Arena at Chandigarh:

Arena Animation Academy, Chandigarh has held Digital Art Exhibitions, Workshops for Heads of Departments/ colleges, Seminars by Rattan Gangadhar of Discreet, as well as independent experts in 2D and 3D animation like Ashish Kulkarni and Mohenish Gupta, film makers like Sanjay Malhotra and Misha Gautam and many other creative people who’ve shared their expertise with Arena. Arena Faculty has been invited by University Business School, C-DAC and Mahatma Gandhi Institute to share their expertise on Search Engine Technology and Web and Animation Designing. They’ve helped train the under privileged for the Rotary Club, sector 18. They’ve helped many Govt. Schools update their children on multimedia technologies.

Besides Arena Multimedia, their sister concern brand VirtualSoft Technologies is a market leader in Animation at Chandigarh and have been featured by reputed magazine AnimationXpress in 2006 as a leading company in Chandigarh with clients like HVPN, UBS, NIIFT, CITCO, Haryana Tourism, PCA Mohali, ITFT, CMTR, IGEF, Chitakara, Labo, MDI, Oriental, Polyplast, and a lot of international companies which rely on it to deliver their services and products. They’re arguably the city’s pioneering studio for exclusive 3D work with already many lines of production in place. They also have a line of 2D animation in place as well.

Asked to comment on the Indian Animation Scenario, Mr. Vineet Raj Kapoor, Centre Academic Head, Arena Multimedia, Chandigarh, and a leading writer on Animation to top online publications and forums including AWN, Digg, ezinearticles, said, “Indian animation industry has long been feeding at the bottom end of the animation pyramid, but now with the advent of top end education like DAE, the story stage is also set to move to India”.

Asked to give tips to budding Animators, Ms. Neelu Kapoor, Centre Head said, “You need to be creative in any area like sketching, story writing, acting or pure imagination. And add to that consistent hard work and persistent determination and you’ll be there.”

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Arena Chandigarh in Sector 17 has completed 10 years of operation. The admissions to the 2nd Batch of the exclusive high end Animation Course –  Diploma in animation Engineering (DAE) of Chandigarh centre are closing on July 31, 2007, so hurry!

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