Have you ever wondered how your favorite Tom and Jerry show, or the Walt Disney characters would seem if there was no animation? Would they be as adorable, endearing, and immensely entertaining if animation had not literally breathed soul into them?

Animation, derived from the Latin word ‘anima’, meaning soul, breathes life into characters, and is increasingly becoming popular across all channels of entertainment and multimedia. Aided by Digital graphics and powerful tools, animation has added a powerful dimension to the arena of glitz and jazz, lifting and enlivening anything, be it a movie or a music video. Needless to say, it has also become the hottest New Age career for today.

India is fast going up the animation-outsourcing ladder. Though a recent entrant in the global animation scene, demand for India’s production services is growing at a fast pace. With global entertainment majors like Walt Disney, Imax, Warner Brothers and Sony signing up huge contracts with Indian animation companies, local animation design studios are gradually establishing their credentials overseas and building their skill sets in this high potential global market.

According to the latest NASSCOM report on Animation, the global animation market is expected to increase to USD 35 billion by 2009 from USD 25 billion in 2005. The size of the Indian animation market was estimated at USD 285 million in 2005. It is expected to witness a CAGR of 35 percent from 2005-2009 and increase to USD 950 million by 2009.

The realm of commercial animation is as diverse as the styles and techniques of animation itself. These days, animators can find work in feature films, television, the Internet, CD-ROM production, as well as product design / visualization, architecture, and interior design. And within each of those industries, animators can perform a variety of roles.

Animation is a unique field in that it requires you to be proficient in both the creative and the technical processes. Talent, creativity, the passion to succeed and knowledge of requisite software are essential to succeed in the field of animation. You will require professional training to handle animation and multimedia software like 3D Studio Max, Maya for 3D Animation, Animo and US Animation for 2D animation, along with skills set in Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and so on.

It is here that quality institutes like Arena Multimedia make the difference in students’ careers by offering comprehensive training in animation, making them the masters in their art. Arena offers specialized courses on animation for all ages and segments, varying from beginners to those interested in taking up animation as a career. It could be a short Animation programme to a hi – end premier course like the Diploma in Animation Engineering (DAE) or the Arena Animation Academy Specialist Programme (AAASP).

Computer animation is a versatile industry, offering you a productive and exciting career. Whether your dream is to do the effects for the next Bollywood blockbuster or to design the next bestselling computer game, you can succeed as a computer animation professional if you enter it with the right tools and education.

The admissions to the high end Animation Course – Diploma in Animation Engineering (DAE) are closing in August.

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