Concept: This is the total story of the film said in one word or a phrase.

Story Line: This is the total story of the film said in one Sentence.

Synopsis: This is the total story of the film said in one Paragraph.

Script: This is the total story of the film written in the form of a novel.

Screenplay: This is the total story of the film described with Cinematics. This is the blueprint of the film.

Shooting Script: This is where the total film is dismantled into shots. This is basically the process of the shot division with particular Camera Angles and Movements.

Storyboarding: The shooting script is visually represented on the storyboard.

Character Development:: This is where the total psyche of the character is studied and the character is modeled or sketched as per the requirement and the Model sheet is prepared.

Layouts: They are the functional platforms of the action in any shot. They are made according to the decided camera position or the movement with the perception in mind.

Scene Planning: This is where the action in a particular scene is decided and the reference point is the Art Directors Sketch.


Sound Break Down: In the animation film making it’s a reverse process of fragmentation of Music or dialogue as per the timing on the dope sheet.

Timing/Dope Sheet: This is the process by which the total timing of the film for every shot is decided and fragmented.

Art Director Sketch: Before beginning to work on the animation the ratio of the action is decided and planned here.

Staging: This is the where drawings of all the possible movements of a particular characters in the entire shot are made.

Extremes: These are the destination keys in a shot.

Modeling: This is a process where the models of the characters are made on computer generated software.

Texturing: Here the physical features of the model and the environments are given proper textures needed as per the requirement.

Preview: The animation is rendered in a low resolution to check the mistakes.

POST – PRODUCTION                    

Render output: This is the final output taken from the computer on a higher resolution base.

Keys: These are the frames where there is a motion or major changes in a shot.

Break Downs: These keys control minor changes in action or timing.

Sync: This is where actions are paralleled with the sound.

Rough Edit: This stage involves a preliminary film edit where probable cuts are lined up.

Visual Effects: Here the Computer generated effects are incorporated into the shots.

Final Edit: Final trimming and transitions are given while there is a final Cut.

Re-Recording: Audio special effects are given to the visuals.

Transfer: The Outputs here are transferred onto Celluloids / Film Strips.

Telecine: The Positives are made with gamma corrections.

Marriage Print: The final Print of the film is finalized.

Distribution: This is the commercial process where the film is sold to Distributors

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