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The Apostle

El Apóstol

Argentina 1917: The world’s first animated feature film, by Quirino Cristiani. All copies believed to be lost in a fire in 1926.
Without a Trace

Sin dejar rastros

Argentina 1918: Cristiani’s second feature film, following on the success of The Apostle. The film was seized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and seems to never have been shown. All copies are believed to be lost.
Peludópolis Argentina 1931: Cristiani’s third feature film, and the world’s first to have a synchronized soundtrack. Also believed to be lost.
The Adventures of Pinocchio Italy 1936: Was supposed to be Italy’s first animated feature, but it was never finished and is now thought to be lost.
The Tale of the Priest and of his Workman Balda

Сказка о попе и о его работнике Балде (Skazka o pope i yevo rabotnike Balde)

USSR 1930s: A scenario for an animated feature film was written by director Mikhail Tsekhanovskiy, and music was composed by Shostakovich. It would have been the USSR’s first traditionally-animated feature film, but it was never finished. The market scene stands alone as a classic of Russian animated films.
The Thief and the Cobbler USA 1960s-1990s: film was taken away from the director and released as Arabian Knight and The Princess and the Cobbler; heavily edited versions with much of the already-filmed footage cut out. Unofficial restorations of the original film are available.
The Works USA 1970s-1980s: It was meant to be the first computer animated feature in the world, but was never completed.
Train Arrival

Прибытие поезда (Pribytiye poyezda)

Russia A watercolour-animated feature film begun in 1986 by Aleksandr Tatarskiy – part of the reason for the formation of PILOT Studio, the first private animation studio in the USSR. About 40 minutes were finished before hyper-inflation hit Russia in the late 1990s. The unfinished film was highly praised by several masters of Russian animation who saw it (including Fyodor Khitruk, Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Igor Kovalyov and others), before the film materials were lost to three consecutive floods in late 2005. [28] [29] [30]

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