4th Annual GOTHAM SCREEN 2010 FILM FESTIVAL AND SCREENPLAY CONTEST (Oct 7-10), showcasing fresh cinematic voices and perspectives from filmmakers around the globe at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.

Gotham Screen showcases cutting-edge feature, short, and documentary films by first- or second-time directors, and complements its program with releases making their East Coast or US Debuts. The Festival provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers to have their work shown and critically judged in NYC while providing a venue where audiences and industry can discover new writing, directing, and acting talents.

Created by a group of New York-based producers, the Screenplay Contest aims to discover the “next great screenplay” and to give previously undiscovered writers a chance at getting their projects produced and their writing skills recognized. Gotham Screen seeks marketable scripts from new writers with original ideas to be considered for indie production (budgets under $15 million). The top prize is $2,500 cash for the winning screenplay, and excerpts from selected contest entries will be performed live by professional actors at a staged reading during the Festival.

Gotham Screen provides filmmakers an opportunity to have their work shown and critically judged in New York; provides positive industry and audience exposure for works that would otherwise not easily get seen; and aims to discover new talent.

HOW TO BE by Oliver Irving, a recent Gotham Screen selection, caught the attention of industry execs at the Festival and was subsequently picked up for domestic distribution by IFC, and signed with The Little Film Company as the film’s sales agent. Following the success of its 2009 edition, Gotham Screen 2010 has been expanded to showcase more short and feature films than ever before.

Alum Hal Jordan (THE ASSASSIN PROJECT) observed that the Festival’s program was “exceptional and in many cases represented bold decisions on the part of the programmers.” And Screenplay Contest winner Patrick Bates gushes, “Gotham was our big break into screenwriting. Knowing that we were optioned writers (one of our scripts got optioned following a win at the contest) opened several doors and generated a lot of buzz about us and our fledgling production company.”

For a chance to be part of this celebrated and growing event, submit your film or screenplay to the Gotham Screen 2010 Festival and Screenplay Contest today!

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