The Alumnus of Arena Chandigarh met on 27 February 2011, to celebrate completion of 14 years of the First Batch.

The event was a Lunch at Hotel Shivalikview at Sector 17, Chandigarh.

30-40 Alumnus alongwith their wives/ husbands and kids came forth to celebrate the life they had at the centre. Anjali is a Lecturer at Govt. College of Fine Arts, Rajiv and Cheena run the leading IT company of the region Intelligaia,

Sunali (ex-Arena, ex-NID) is running her own company EastVillage, Anand is heading a large Design team at NetSolutions, Pooja (his wife) is also ex-NetSolutions, Ravi and Shashank are part of a 4 man tean which recently quit their jobs to startup a venture, Sanjeev Seth has started on his own after leaving his Senior position at SeBiz, Vipul, Sandeep Dogra, Viraaj, Puneet Sachdeva, Deepak, Mohit, Kulwinder, Bikramjit Singh, and Parminder are well established professionals,  Gurwinder, Sarbjit and others are well on their way with nice jobs. Chanderdeep Singh runs the famous Food Chain Froyo!!

The day started with a lot of surprises at the changes in the faces and reviving of old memories. Thereafter it was party time when Alumnus exchanged their lives and shared their progress with other. Thereafter, they all gathered to discuss the serious matters, like contributing to the growth of the design community of the city. They left with a promise to contribute their bit to the industry that gave them so much.

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