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Life Art Study and Portfolio for Admission to top Design Colleges abroad available in India

Check out the Animation Student Comments and Feedback – Meher Vadehra below:

Student Comments and Feedback – Meher Vadehra

Meher Vadehra passed out of DPS Chandigarh and on her way to Emily Carr College in Canada spent someitme at Arena Chandigarh picking up crucial skills in Drawing at Method Art ebsides enrolling at Arena Chandigarh, Sector 17 for the Digital Art Skills. Now, studying at Emily Carr she recollects that her decision to spend time learning these skills stood her in good stead and she was one of the good ones in drawing and sketching amongst her batchmates. Let’s listen to her directly.

If you’re planning to study at one of the top design schools in the world like Sheridan, Calarts, Vanarts, VFS, Gobelins, Emily Carr, Seneca etc then it would do you good to study Art and Sketching during your 10+1 and 10+2 so that you are well prepared – mail immediately to mentioning your complete profile and sample of works with the subject “method art mentoring”. Life Art Study and Portfolio for Admission to top Design Colleges abroad in now available in India

Expert Speaks: Acting vs Animation

Whenever Stanchfield mentions about acting in animation, he would talk about getting sensitive to the gesture.

By this he means to be able to first see and feel the motivation behind the pose.
Nicolaides calls it the inner impulse behind the pose and provides excellent exercises to make you capable of touching the gesture (inner impulse) and then develop the pose/s onto it.

Some frames from Brave –


In the world’s most popular acting methodologies developed by Stanislavsky, the key teaching is to be able to generate the inner motivation (current) in reality by the actor on stage (using methods like affective memory), same or similar to the one needed by the character being played on stage.
“ our art you must live the part every moment that you are playing it, and every time.” – Stanislavsky

Some frames from Black Swan-



ACTING is asking you to generate that motivation (current) in reality and let your mind and body respond to it on stage. ANIMATION is asking you to be sensitive to the gesture so you are able to touch and be one with the inner motivation of the animated character, so you are able to create series of gestures most apt for those inner impulses.

Good ACTORS are able to portray very subtle and intricate inner motivation. In ANIMATION it takes lot of effort and is bit difficult to achieve this intricacy.

In ACTING, good actors are able to create intense and pure inner motivation (current), matching the character at that moment of story, BUT its very difficult to keep out trace of mannerism of the actor himself. Same character played by two renowned good actors, one can make out which actor is playing it, even if the face and voice is modulated.

In ANIMATION, since the person is not using his own body, its bit easy to keep one’s mannerism out while generating gestures matching the inner impulses of the established character at that moment of story.

One thing stands large that in both the artforms, its not the outer look and form that is prime, its the inner impulse, motivation, current that communicates, tells the story.

Without this prime factor any system or artform can become “..theatrical claptrap..” – Stanislavsky

This is what happened to the Delsarte system of expression.

“it led others into stereotyped and melodramatic gesticulation, devoid of the very heart that Delsarte had sought to restore.”, Wangh

Find your way into Comic Designing

What is Comic Design? What are its applications/Uses?
Comic design is very useful in
• Visual Storytelling of ancient, historic or folk tales
• Test bed of new characters in the market
• Important visual communication tool for all marketers
• Dissemination of public information (e.g. traffic rules)
• As a step towards creating movies (i.e. storyboarding)
• Tool for direct engagement of children and teenagers
Why should students opt for Comic Design as their career option?
Students who love creating characters and scenes could opt for Comic Design as their possible careers. This would be one of the most satisfying options available to them.
What are the growth prospects in this industry?
Initial salaries could be nice though growths may not be much due to present lack of avenues. Very few comics get made out of india and outsourcing is rare.
How has the sector fared in the past one year?
Not much data is available for this sector yet.
What is the pay-scale? (Bottom up) – Initial stage, after 5 years, after 10 years etc
Starting pays could be nice, about 12-25K per month though prospects for growth may not be that high except for a few select artists.
What are the skills/aptitude required for the job?
A person who is highly imaginative and has very good sketching skills. A deep study in anatomy, perspectives, gestures, and posing is required. A knowledge of camera angles is also very handy too.
How can one become a Comic Designer? (What to do after Class12 in order to become a Comic designer)
Take up a good course in sketching, maybe alongside animation (especially 2D)
What are the pros and cons of the job?
Singly this would be a tough line to pursue, since standalone comic artists may not be in a huge demand. Do be ready to work as a graphic designer, web designer etc too. Some smart artists club it with 2D/ 3D animation. Highly satisfying to see your work in print. Nothing beats the high.
Can you name some of the best/good institutes in India/Abroad to study Comic Design from?
There are many design institutes but one must ensure that they are getting into the right course. One can get into NID/ Shantiniketan or JJ, but they are not actually equipped to train a good comic artist yet. Very few schools in India are equipped to train to the level required, and I am proud to be associated with one such school (Arena Chandigarh) which follows an international methodology for Sketching Training that ensures that every trainee is able to make a reasonably good portrait within a few weeks. Thereafter they must go for gesture study and finally progress to comics. It is a misnomer that anyone with good sketching can do this. A deep study of anatomy and perspectives is required. And only some select people graduate to creating characters.
How to enter the field (what courses to pursue at the UG, PG and Diploma level)
Best is to take Sketching alongside animation since both are highly related. This opens the field for you to many more fields, especially as a storyboarder. Do a good sketching course alongside animation (2D or 3D) as mentioned above.
What are the job prospects?
Jobs as a standalone artist are few and people may land up as newspaper cartoonists or animators. Thereafter growth is steady.
What are the main entrance exams, if any, to prepare for?
Not many except for NID, Shantiniketan, JJ etc. Others not yet.

Anybody can learn Drawing in 5 Days!!!

I remember in my school days there used to be a guy named Alam Munim. He used to draw so well. All in the class used to see his drawing and enjoy!! Leaving couple more including me, none of other students could ever put down a presentable drawing. Even the toppers were nowhere in this respect even after lot of effort.

This has really been a mystery why some people find it so difficult to draw what they can see right in front of them and others are able to do so quite effortlessly. After some amount of effort those who are unable to come out with satisfactory drawing just give it up for whole of their life finalizing an assumption that they just cant draw.

We experienced similar instances during our long journey of creative education in the last 16 years. Noticed similar blocks that students faced who couldn’t draw. Setting out in research we were lucky enough to come across researches by Psychobiologist Roger W. Sperry’s and Art scholar Betty Edwards.

Most wondrous was the fact that there are two basic modes of thinking – one is Left Brain Mode (verbal, analytic and sequential) and other is Right Brain Mode (visual, perceptual and simultaneous). Howsoever intelligent a person could be with his/her left brain, unless a person switches to Right brain mode he cannot perform many creative activities, Drawing being the prime among those.

This theory gave the short cut exercises to Drawing skills and incidentally also to the creative mode of thinking.

The result is a magical workshop that we deliver to students. Within a short span of 5 days any person starts drawing. Just have a look at before and after drawings of students -

Betty Edwards' Before After Drawings

Would have been such a great gift to all my class mates :)

GO48! Grand Finale on stage – Watch the Video

A video report on the Grand Finale of the 48 hour GO48! Awards held on 16 Dec 2012. Raship, Gunjan, Heera, Sandipan and Garima qualified for GO48! ART finals and Amandeep, Pawan, Ravinder, Gurpreet and Siddharth qualified for GO48! MESH Finals on sunday, 16 December 2012. The stage was Buzz with excitement as a live band played all along adding music to the tension. Surrounded by ‘beaten’ competitors the FINAL FIVE began their conquest on stage. The din created the pressure of a match being played at a stadium.

check out the News Video below:


And the Final Winners were:

GO48! Graphics – Raship Trikha

GO48! Warpaint – Priyanka

GO48! Live – Gurwinder Singh, Sarbjit Singh

GO48! Mesh – Amandeep Singh Kang

GO48! Anim8 – Anjali Mishra

GO48! Anim8 Nominations

On Out of 37 Animation Artists, 21 crossed the line as GO48! Anim8 finished at 12:12:12 in the afternoon on friday 14 December 2012. Go48! Anim8 was full of fun and masti. 37 Artists took the challenge and burnt their midnight oil and went about their movies in a very serious manner. All of these were part of Arena as students.

8 Films were picked based on 5 judges’ feedback. However, the final judgement would be made by a separate panel of judges who are leading artists of the country

Let’s have a look at those that were picked









Last Day of GO48! Anim8

A video report on the Final Day of the 48 hour GO48! Anim8 Contest that ended yesterday. Today is also the Death Anniversary of Walt Disney who died on 15 December 1966. The GO48! ART and GO48! MESH Finalist were also declared. Raship, Gunjan, Heera, Sandipan and Garima qualified for GO48! ART finals and Amandeep, Pawan, Ravinder, Gurpreet and Siddharth qualified for GO48! MESH Finals on sunday, 16 December 2012. So check out the report below:

GO48! Anim8 Day 3

GO48! Anim8 – The Second Day

GO48! Anim8 Second Day

Let us check the update video.

GO48! Anim8 Day 2

yesterday, the competition began at 12:12:12 on the historic date 12-12-12. Most of the competitors did not sleep and would not forget this historic sleepless night all their life.

GO48! Anim8 Launched

GO48! Anim8 Launched

GO48! Anim8 Day 1

With the launch of GO48! Live today we’re in for a 48 hours quest for the best Animation film. To add to the fun, the competition began at 12:12:12 on the historic date 12-12-12. We’re sure, none of the competitors would forget this historic night all their life.

OK here’s today’s update. 37 Animation Artists reported for the GO48 Anim8!

Various Mediums that were chosen were 2D, 3D, Flash, Clay, Light, Pixillation and Paper. The constraints were that the movies should be around the subject “STUCK” and they must be at least 5 seconds long.

GO48! Fest launched

DAY 1 – GO48! Fest Launched

GO48! Logo and Wallpaper

GO48! Logo and Wallpaper

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Decorations

GO48! Fest Launched

GO48! Fest Launched

GO48! Fest Rangoli

GO48! Fest Rangoli

GO48! Fest Launched

GO48! Fest Launched

A unique festival for students and alumnus of Arena Chandigarh Sec 17 was launched to enable students to examine their capabilities as well as discover their strengths.

The contest would have 5 Exciting Competitions all bound by the common thread 48.
GO48 Art!
GO48 Live!
GO48 Anim8!
GO48 Mesh!
GO48 Warpaint!

All participant need to attend the respective briefing sessions of the competition they intend to participate in. The date and times are:

Contest Briefing Sessions:

GO48 Warpaint! Face Painting N/A
GO48 Live! Live Action 12am Fri 07/12/12
GO48 Art! Static Graphics 3pm Mon 10/12/2012
GO48 Mesh! 3D Model 3pm Mon 10/12/2012
GO48 Anim8! Motion Graphics 2pm Tue 10/12/2012

Excited students went about decorating the centre for the contest and the oncoming Founders Day on 16 Dec 2012

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